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Bill Malloy

Board Member

Board Member at Merlin

Bill Malloy serves as president of Malloy and Company, an organization that fosters innovation designed to effect positive change in local communities. With a bachelor’s in engineering from Clemson University and an MBA from the University of Southern California, Bill Malloy is an experienced technologist who invests in engineering-driven software companies.

Since becoming involved in venture capital, Mr. Malloy has co-led investment in startups such as SendGrid, Addepar, Lyft, Twilio, and Uber. Formerly, he worked with DFJ–Zone Ventures, where he provided strategic guidance to several potential investments in California and worked closely with leadership to identify and resolve issues related to strategy, financial structuring, and operations. He is also the co-founder of Sway Ventures, which focuses on software investing and helped to expand the startup ecosystem between the United States and other regions of the globe.

Before dedicating his time to venture capital, Mr. Malloy accrued significant experience in business development and product management. For five years, he helped develop business at Listen.com, which sold to the $1.3-billion company Real Networks, and MusicMatch, which was acquired by the $38-billion corporation Yahoo. Mr. Malloy also co-founded Nex Cubed, a company that develops innovative technologies designed to meet the needs of startups. He has sat on the boards of several notable companies, including Fetch Robotics, Penrose, HyTrust, Tally, and Affinity. In this capacity, he provides strategic guidance and assists company leadership in making key decisions.

Outside of his work in venture capital, Bill Malloy maintains a strong dedication to giving back to the community. He is particularly interested in supporting nonprofits that focus on cancer care at all stages, from diagnosis to treatment. He also works with the Malloy Foundation, which makes strategic philanthropic investments. The co-founder of the PEERS Network, he has also been involved with the Equinox Center as a board member and treasurer.