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Brian Nugent

Board Member

Brian is a board member at Merlin and the founding General Partner of Sway Ventures

Brian Nugent is a founding General Partner of Sway Ventures, a multi-national technology investment firm that is helping to transform inefficient industries globally. As an investor, entrepreneur, operator, director and strategic advisor in over 150 technology ventures, Brian has built domain expertise and deep connections across the technology and finance industries on five continents. Brian has a proven track record of driving software/SaaS, hardware and IT Services companies to market leadership positions thru his powerful company enablement platform. He serves on the board of directors of a multitude of venture and growth equity backed companies.

Previously, Brian was a partner at Torch Hill Investment Partners, a mid-market buyout firm specializing in national security themed technology investments. As an entrepreneur and operating executive he ran both public and privately-held enterprise software companies such as EdgeWave (acquired by private consortium), Applied Identity (acquired by Citrix), and was also a senior operating executive at Tier 1 venture-backed companies such as Teros (acquired by Citrix), Atrica (acquired by Nokia-Siemens) and LuxN (acquired by Sorrento Networks). Previously he served in sales, marketing & business development roles at Cisco, IBM and 3com.

Brian is active in a variety of charitable organizations and is a Board Member of the PEERS Network which has supported over 125 causes globally that are focused on aiding disadvantaged women and children. Brian is a lifelong aquatics practitioner and is a member of the 2013 & 2014 U.S. National Champion Sunset Water Polo Club. Brian holds a B.A. degree in Digital Media and a Business Administration Minor from California State University, Long Beach.

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Brian Nugent

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